Protecting Homes & Preserving Communities Statewide

Mission Statement

MHOA NJ was founded and exists for the purpose of ensuring the rights of manufactured homeowners by dispelling through education the misconceptions and myths held by the public, media, and government officials concerning manufactured housing its owners and/or residents.

Our Goals Are To:

Protect and strengthen manufactured housing communities and rights of everyone living in manufactured homes.
Promote meaningful change in legislation to increase legal protection for community residents.
Preserve efforts and encourage its residents to live in comfortable and safe communities.
Strive to educate our legislators and municipal leaders about issues which impact our community.

Bill of
Rights for
Home Owners

(as adopted by NMHOA)

WHEREAS More than 6 million individuals and families own their homes but not the land under them,

WHEREAS these individuals and families rent the land from the manufactured housing community owner, and

WHEREAS these community owners have the power to impose rules and regulations that impact the constitutional rights of manufactured homeowners and their families.

NOW THEREFORE let it be resolved that

Manufactured homeowners and their families are entitled to enjoy the same constitutional freedoms as all other Americans, especially:

1. Freedom of speech ( including, but not limited to, the right to distribute informational/educational fliers about the rights of manufactured homeowners);

2. Freedom of assembly (including, but not limited to, the right to organize a homeowners’ association, the right to peaceably assemble, and the right to hold association meetings at the community’s clubhouse to discuss issues of importance to manufactured homeowners, and the right to exclude from the meetings community owners, managers and other agents of the owner);

3. Freedom from retaliation (including, but not limited to, the right to be assured that there is a rebuttal presumption of retaliation if the community owner attempts to raise the rent of selected homeowners or evict selected homeowners within 6 months of them forming/joining a home owners’ association at the local, state or national level; and

4. The right to equal protection under the law (including, but not limited to, the right to the peaceful enjoyment of one’s home and the uniform and consistent enforcement of rules and regulations).