What is a MHOA Chapter?

A MHOA-NJ Chapter is a resident and/or homeowner association in your local manufactured housing community that is aligned with MHOA-NJ. MHOA-NJ Chapters are in close contact with the state adminstration and recieve newsletters and alerts on a continual basis. Chapters have representation on MHOA-NJ committees and boards. Chapters recieve assistance in association formation, charters, and the creation of organizational documents. MHOA-NJ sets certain standards and requirements for chapters including a minimum MHOA-NJ membership number to maintain chapter status. Certain changes are being considered to make chapter membership a simpler and easier process while maintaining individual membership rates.

A Municipal Alliance is a organization of MHOA NJ chapters, homeowners and residents within one municipality that may be formed of Home Owner Associations, MHOA-NJ Community Chapters or individuals who reside in that municipality. These organizations seek to represent residents of manufactured housing in municipal relations. Municipal Alliances can be important in local elections, voter registration campaigns and at municipal Manufactured Housing oversight boards (i.e. rent control).

How to Form a MHOA-NJ Community Chapter
Step 1: Identify park concerns a resident association could address
Step 2: Hold a meeting and have Board Elections
Step 3: Approve By-laws
Step 4: Submit your constitution and by-laws for approval to MHOANJ
Step 5: Collect and submit your membership forms and dues
Step 5: Celebrate your chapter formation
Step 6: Win real victories for your community!

MHOA-NJ is here to help you. We will provide you with organizational manual, by-laws and formation templates. We can conduct educational workshops in your community. We can connect you with legal help for establishing your association and attend your initial meetings to help you get started. MHOA has a minimun requirement of 10% of the community for the formation of a chapter.