Board Meetings

All members are welcome at our meetings. Board meetings are held on the 3rd Friday of every month at 7 pm. Please contact the association president for the location and time of meetings.

Membership Meetings

Membership meetings are held quarterly. Watch for announcements for the next meeting.

Executive Board

President: David Kruczek – Pinewood Estates, Barnegat
President Emeritus: Gary Miller – Maple Glenn, Jackson
Vice President: Rick Edelman – Pinewood Estates, Barnegat
Recording Secretary: Joyce Dul – Brighton, Barnegat
Membership Director: Jesse Crowder – Town & Country, Chislehurst
Member At Large: Linda Edelman – Pinewood Estates, Barnegat
Member At Large: Lorraine Ferraro – Pinewood Estates, Barnegat

Executive Director

Joseph Sullivan – Jackson Acres, Jackson

Area Representatives

Area Representatives are Board members of MHOA-NJ. If a geographic area has a concentration of manufactured home communities the President of MHOA-NJ can appoint an area representative to the board. Area representatives also serve on the Board Advisory Council. Currently, MHOA-NJ has two area representatives and we are always looking for additional persons to serve on the board.

Organizational Documents

Our Presidents!

Over 50 years of advocating for MH homeowners!

Read a message from our President Emeritus Fran Krom!

1959 – MHOA-NJ founded

1959-1960 – Frank Gunning

1960-1961 – Celine Linebury

1961-1964 – Thomas Matthews

1964-1965 – Joseph Mays

1965-1972 – Robert Lewis

1972-1974 – Ronald Oexman

1974-1975 – Richard Burr

1974 – N.J. Anti-Eviction Act enacted!

1975-1978 – George Curran

1978-1982 – Thomas Herd

1982-1987 – Howard Felver

1987-1987 – Duane Ellingham

1987-1988 – Ronald Barth

1988-1990 – Donald Cassoff

1990-1991 – Robert Filmore

1991-1994 – Janet Potter

1992 – Mobile Home Protection Act enacted!

1994-1997 – George Young

1997-1999 – Betty Good

1999 – Bob Ryley (MHOA Administrator)
receives the NJTO Ronald B Atlas Award for service to New Jersey tenants

1999-2003 – Frances Krom

2003-2005 – Paula Wills

2005-2008 – Frances Kroem

2008-2009 – Shari Williams

2009-2015 – Donald Baker

2015-2021 Gary Miller

2021-Present David Kruczek