A message from MHOA NJ’s President Emeritus FRAN KROM

Fran Krom was the President of Manufactured Home Owners Association of New Jersey for almost 20 years. In 2009 the MHOA-NJ Board voted to give Fran the title of President Emeritus and to make her a lifetime member of MHOA-NJ and our BOARD OF DIRECTORS. This as in recognition of her many years of service and her leadership. Fran continues to provide us with a wealth of knowledge and good counsel. She is a contributor to our MHOA-NJ newsletter and an active member of the MHOA NJ Board.

MHOA – 1959 – 2012

Dear Members of MHOA

Our Association began a few years before 1959, with just a handful of dedicated Manufactured Homeowners who were tired of being evicted at the whim of the landlord or for complaining to the authorities about problems within their parks. It soon became apparent that there was a necessity for protective laws for mobile homeowners. Through the efforts of a concerned group of individuals who joined forces to seek this protection, the Manufactured Home Owners Association of New Jersey was formed and incorporated in 1959. In 2009 we are observing our 50th anniversary.

The state organization works together with you to educate and inform local, city and state officials hoping to influence them concerning our protection. REMEMBER – it is your home and life. We rely heavily on the volunteer network built over the years to do this and have pledged to educate our members as to their legal rights.

In 1992 New Jersey’s Mobile Home Protection Act was enacted through the efforts of our Association. Belonging to MHOA is your insurance policy against losing those laws enacted for your protection. It is a watchdog over those who endeavor and sometimes succeed to undo the good your state association has accomplished. Now we are working hard to strengthen that landmark law.

MHOA of New Jersey is the only state wide, non-profit organization dedicated solely to protecting the rights and interests of New Jersey’s owners of manufactured homes.

The question confronting MHOA members now is will MHOA be here tomorrow? Will tomorrow’s manufactured homeowners in New Jersey have an organization to call upon when they need help? Will today’s manufactured homeowners continue to support and participate in the only organization devoted to their interests?

No one knows for sure but MHOA enters the year ahead with the hope that current members will continue to support its constructive programs. We have increased membership in the last year and hope to continue to do so. Our organization will thrive and continue with members like you who support it.

Fran Krom